Welcome to the Weaving Factory and linen workshop

Quintin, City of weavers

From 1650 to 1830, Quintin was renowned as the most important centre of the Manufacture of "Bretagnes" cloths.


At that time there were up to 700 weavers and 83 merchants in our town.

The cloths woven here were famous for their thinness and whiteness, and were exported from Saint-Malo to Spain,

and then to Latin America.


From this posperous past, Quintin preserved its architectural heritage. The impressive mansions of merchants are part

of the setting.

The Weaver's House recounts this amazing history,

through demonstrations of ancient tools, human adventures

and journeys overseas.



Introducing an underestimated plant : Flax




 Flax is an ancient plant whose every part are used : seeds, fibre and straw.


They are used in various fields such as : textile, design, decoration, sport and leisure equipment, nutrition, building industry…

Its fibre is an excellent alternative to many others, because flax is a 100% ecological plant !



Good news for the planet !

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